HPB collaborates with Central Taiwan Science Park to showcase “High Privacy AI Smart Care System,” ensuring the well-being of senior citizens.

The 2023 Asia Biotech Expo, held at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, successfully brought together various biotech and pharmaceutical companies from the industry, academia, and research sectors. The four-day exhibition, held from July 27 to July 30, concluded with fruitful collaborations among participating companies and significant public attendance. Not only did it attract business discussions, but also engaged general audiences in exploring new advancements in biotechnology and further boosted industry vitality.

Happily, H.P.B. Technology was invited to participate in the National Science Council’s Central Taiwan Science Park Pavilion, showcasing our latest upcoming product, the “Ezcaring P1 High Privacy AI Caring System,” along with its core technology. This innovative care system is designed for use in the homes of elderly individuals living alone. It utilizes our exclusive PPS privacy protection sensing technology to detect the daily activities of seniors, and our self-developed AI image recognition technology to define their behavior. Real-time updates on their well-being are sent to users’ mobile devices, enabling immediate notifications to caregivers or emergency services in case of any unexpected incidents, thus providing higher-quality care for those living independently.

During the exhibition, we attracted numerous visitors and industry professionals interested in understanding the core technology and practical applications of our product. “The application of this privacy protection detection technology previously received support from the National Centralized Precision Health Project and is set to be launched by the end of this year. H.P.B. Technology’s actual benefits and commercialization efficiency are impressive!” said Vice Director Shih Wen-Fang of the National Centralized Precision Health Project, expressing her support for H.P.B. The Vice Chairperson of the National Science Council, Chen Yi-Chuang, also visited the Science Park Pavilion to cheer on the exhibitors. This year’s Central Science Park Pavilion centered on “Precision Health, Digital Medicine, and Cross-Domain Innovation,” showcasing achievements in precise medical care, biopharmaceuticals, innovative medicine, medical devices, and intelligent automation.

Ezcaring P1 High Privacy AI Caring System is independently developed by H.P.B. Technology, and it has undergone product clinical verification in various settings such as the Chungang Veterans Home and medical institutions. This exhibition provides H.P.B. Technology with a platform to showcase their technology and innovative achievements to the industry. Moreover, during the technical presentation at the exhibition, H.P.B. Technology introduces their products and technology to the audience, discusses industry development trends and challenges, and shares their experiences and insights in addressing these challenges. As a member of the caregiving industry, H.P.B. Technology understands the significance of healthcare for individuals and society. Therefore, they are committed not only to developing innovative technologies and products but also to seeking collaborations with medical institutions, professional organizations, and caregiving facilities to enhance the caregiving experience and outcomes.

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HPB collaborates with Central Taiwan Science Park to showcase “High Privacy AI Smart Care System,” ensuring the well-being of senior citizens.
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