After his father suffered a stroke in 2012 and fearing that he wouldn't receive proper care, HPB President, Louis Huang, gathered experts from various fields to develop smart healthcare solutions for seniors. For him, these issues were not just business opportunities, but also real-life challenges to face. By deeply researching care institutions and households, we ensured that the products meet the genuine needs of users.

With the power of technology, we aim to provide a more friendly and high-quality care environment.


Ezcaring P1

High Privacy AI Caring System

Combines AI image recognition and PPS technology

Ezcaring PA001

Removable Suction Safety Grab Bar

The grab bar has release levers which make installing & removing it from the wall very simple.

Ezcaring PA002

Toilet Safety Rails

Adjustable Handles for Comfortable
Toilet Assistance

Ezcaring PA003

Portable Daily Pill Case

Individal AM PM BOX, Easy and Convenient for Taking Out.

Ezcaring PA005

Pill Cutter

V-shaped card slot design

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