ezcaring P1 comes with 2 different methods of wall setup:
1. Wall Mount Set
– The “Wall Mount” is suitable for mounting on cement, wooden, hollow or dry walls. 
– You will be required to drill a hole in the wall. 
– Tools required:  electric drill and 5.5mm drill bit, Phillips-head screwdriver, mallet.

2. Wall Sticky Mount Kit
– The “Wall Sticky Mount” is suitable for smooth surfaces such as wallpaper, paint, wood, plastic, metal, and other similar surfaces.
– Tools required: wall-specific adhesive and a wall cleaning cloth.

Please refer to the Quick Installation Guide in the package, or follow the QIG video for instructions on how to assemble.

Please download the ezcaring App from the App Store/Google Play first. Next, follow the instructions below to connect your ezcaring P1 device:
1. Create a new account
– Sign up for a new account 
– Create a password for your ezcaring Account (Note: The password must be between 8-15 characters in length)
2. Connect ezcaring P1 to the App 
– Make sure the status light on the ezcaring P1 turns green. This indicates that the device is ready for setup. (If the status light doesn’t turn green, please see here for more information)
– Go to the Device list and tap “Add new device” (+)
– Select your P1 from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and wait for it to connect.

Please connect ezcaring P1 to the App first and follow the instructions below to connect the device to Wi-Fi:
– Return to the Device List and tap “Wi-Fi setting.”
– Enter the Wi-Fi name and password, and wait for it to connect.
– If the device fails to connect, please check that your Wi-Fi name and password are entered correctly. If correct, then relaunch the ezcaring App and try again.

*Note: ezcaring P1 only supports Wi-Fi routers with WPA series encryption methods (WPA, WPA2) and is compatible with 2.4 GHz frequencies.

1. Information Settings
– Add some information about you, your parent, and Emergency Contacts.
2. Device Settings
– Tap “Device Setting” and finish all of them.
– Go to the “Bedside Boundary Setting” and tap “Get Started” to begin.
1) Walk around the bed’s perimeter and tap “Obtain Result.”
2) Set up the Bed Edge by tapping and dragging the corners to match the 4 edges of the bed. This enables accurate detection and sleep reports.
3) Tap “Save”

Ezcaring P1 uses the internet connection to enable its AI detection functions and real-time data stream. If disconnected from the network, the device will not be able to function properly. You will receive a push notification if P1 has been disconnected from Wi-Fi so that you can step in and check the connection status.

To ensure the best ezcaring P1 experience, we have set the firmware to automatically update when new versions become available.

Ezcaring P1 doesn’t require batteries. The camera comes with its own adapter and needs to be plugged into a power source to operate. This design ensures that your battery won’t run out of power when protecting your parents.
*Note: We do not recommend using a power bank to power P1, as the power output of a commercial power bank is not suitable for the ezcaring P1 device. If a power bank is used, it may decrease the lifespan of the device. If an ezcaring P1 has been damaged due to these circumstances, it will not be covered by the warranty.

The voltage range of ezcaring P1’s plug/adapter is Input 110-240VAC/50-60Hz & Output 5V/2A.

The ezcaring P1 App is currently available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French and German. The app automatically follows the language settings of your mobile device. If your phone’s native language differs from those listed above, the default language of the app is English.







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