HPB Illuminates Rehacare with Advanced Privacy Healthcare System: Pioneering a New Era in Intelligent Care Technology

From September 11 to 14, 2023, HPB successfully participated in the Rehacare International Exhibition for Disability Rehabilitation and Elderly Care in Dusseldorf, Germany. The innovative smart healthcare technology product, Ezcaring P1, by HPB , garnered widespread attention during the exhibition, showcasing HPB’s outstanding capabilities in the field of intelligent healthcare.

Rehacare is a premier global event in the domains of disability rehabilitation and elderly care, annually attracting exhibitors and professionals from around the world. This year, Rehacare featured the participation of 706 companies and drew in 30,043 professional buyers, creating a vibrant atmosphere at the exhibition. HPB seized this opportunity to present Ezcaring P1, a non-wearable, high-privacy AI smart healthcare system that integrates advanced AI image recognition technology and Privacy Protection System (PPS). This intelligent healthcare solution aims to provide a more intelligent and humane care experience for the elderly.

The Outstanding Features of Ezcaring P1 by HPB

Ezcaring P1 incorporates a range of advanced technologies, including behavior analysis, sleep monitoring, fall detection, environmental monitoring, and real-time emergency notifications. It is not merely a surveillance system but an all-encompassing caregiving companion that cares about every aspect of the elderly’s life. Particularly noteworthy is its unique Privacy Protection System (PPS) technology. By detecting only the light and shadow changes generated when objects are in motion, it comprehensively safeguards the user’s privacy, effectively addressing concerns about potential privacy infringements associated with traditional

Rehacare Achievements and Outlook by HPB

Ezcaring P1 successfully garnered significant attention from international exhibitors and industry professionals at the Rehacare exhibition. The booth of HPB became a platform for in-depth discussions with numerous international partners. Throughout the exhibition, HPB actively engaged in discussions with over 30 companies, including the Chilean distributor ISOLAB, the Irish medical intermediary MMS medical, and the Korean medical aids manufacturer HYMNMc. These discussions have laid a solid foundation for HPB in the international market.

On-site at the exhibition, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the structure of the venue and the distribution of exhibitors. It was observed that Rehacare predominantly focuses on the field of disability rehabilitation, with comparatively less emphasis on elderly care. However, the multitude of equipment and medical device manufacturers present still represents potential collaboration partners for HPB. This success not only establishes a strong foothold for HPB Technologies but also provides clarity on the future direction of market development.

Technology Leading the Social Health Industry by HPB

The success of this exhibition by HPB is attributed to the company’s profound expertise in the field of imaging solutions and the innovation brought forth by Ezcaring P1 in the realm of intelligent healthcare. Looking ahead, HPB remains committed to ongoing research and development of technological products applicable to smart homes and the healthcare sector. The company aims to leverage technology to contribute to the cause of social health, enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and individuals with disabilities worldwide. The Rehacare exhibition serves as a significant milestone for HPB in exploring the international market, with Ezcaring P1 standing as a pioneering representation of the next era in healthcare.

HPB Illuminates Rehacare with Advanced Privacy Healthcare System: Pioneering a New Era in Intelligent Care Technology
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