H represents healthcare. The curved line is connected with P(parents) and B(babies) to form a smiling face. It symbolizes that under our protection, parents and children can smile to the fullest and enjoy a safe life.

We Adhere to the concept oh “Healthy, Caring and friendly”, applying technology to improve the health care and home safety for the elderly and babies to create a better life together.

We combine decades of optical R&D strength with AI technology to build smart medical and home care solutions. Feasibility tests have been conducted with several medical institution. We hope to provide a better and healthier life through the power of technology.

We adhere to the concept of “Health, Caring, Friendly” and apply technology to improve the quality of health care and home safety for the elderly and babies, to establish a people-ori-ented, sustainable and kind corporate culture.

We continue to recruit global partners.

· Brand agents

· Private label cooperatio

· ODM cooperation

We look forward to friends with the same goal to contact us, and create a win-win situation together.

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